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PT. Wakabe Indonesia is a distributor/agent/stockist of lighting products and mechanical/electrical products in possession of good reputation through the best technology, the highest quality and differentiated customer support.

We’ve been trying to give a satisfaction and impression to our customer with promising research and development, reasonable logistic management and friendly service mind to reward our customer’s interesting and support.

Also we make an effort to contribute growth and profit of customer by offering products with better products.

We are trying to be a leader under rapidly changed market and change of competitive new environment and to make the best quality products and develop the better technology.

Vision & Mission

Being a reliable partner in supply & installment of lighting products and mechanical & electrical products.

Become a company that have good business ethics, reliable and excellent service.

Legal Aspect
PT. Wakabe Indonesia

Akte Pendirian

No. 10 Tanggal 09 September 2013

Soraya, SH


Pengesahan Badan Hukum Perseroan :


Tanda Daftar Perusahaan :


Nomor NPWP : 03.321.308.3-612.000

Surat Ijin Usaha Perdagangan :

Kamar Dagang Dan Industri Kabupaten Gresik :
20509-15000678 K3 : No. Re. 23169/PK3/AJ/35/2015/P0

LPJK Mechanical No. 0415922 LPJK Electrical No:

No. Reg. 0-3525-08-130-1-13-086245